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Changing weather means changing clothes.

Presented by: Jeff Lockwood, Life Sport Inc.

With the fall weather upon us, finding the right clothing to wear especially early in the morning can be a challenge.  Sometimes poor decisions in clothing selections are made because of a lack of bike handling skills.  You might not have thought of it that way but in reality this occurs all too often.  With an uncertainty of overheating and not being able to remove clothing while riding, most people tend to suffer through being a bit cold for the first hour.  Not dressing warm can lead to a host of soft tissue injuries especially to the joints exposed to the wind.  The temperature at which arm and leg warmers are worn will always be a personal decision. 

The general rule of thumb is that temperatures below 65 degrees should be the starting point for selecting arm and leg warmers or a vest/jacket.  Since most cyclists can average 15 mph, the wind chill effect can make this temperature feel much cooler.  When you are cold the natural solution is to ride faster to increase core temperature but here again this can have adverse effects on off season training. 

*Having the skill to remove clothing on the bike, will have you leaving the house properly dressed to then perform a proper warm up and thereby create a better training outcome all while keeping the joints and muscles healthier in the process.

The question is: will it be safe to take off arm warmers or a jacket and put them in a jersey pocket while riding?  The best and only way to know is to practice on the rollers where you have control over the situation.    
The answer is simple; if you can’t do it on the rollers you probably shouldn’t attempt it out on the road. 
Go to to view an instructional roller video for putting on and taking off a jacket and arm warmers.  If you have questions regarding this demonstration, please contact me at

Jeff Lockwood