Bicycle Maintenance in Ahwatukee

Mike Cox at Curbside Cyclery can do it all when it comes to bike maintenance. When you need a tune-up, you can rely on decades of experience to make sure your bicycle performs at its best. Maybe you want to upgrade a component to make your bike faster for an upcoming race– Mike has you covered there too. From mountain bikes to road bikes, Curbside Cyclery can perform the maintenance you need on just about anything with pedals and two wheels.

The good news is that Curbside Cyclery in South Phoenix can help you get the exact right bike for your situation, needs, and budget.

Types of Bike Maintenance

Bicycle maintenance can range from a minor tune-up to a complete overhaul. Luckily, it can all be done here at our bike shop in Phoenix. Mike has provided exceptional mechanical support at major bike races all over the world, and no job is too big or too small. He’ll fix your flat tire in a hurry or help you through completely rebuilding your bike. Additionally, it is important that your bike is brought in at least once a year for a tune-up. This will extend the life of your bike, and ensure your ride is in its best condition.


Depending on your needs, Curbside Cyclery can offer your bike a variety of different services when you bring it in for a tune-up. We will always explain your options clearly and provide an accurate estimate to ensure there are no surprises. Our bicycle services may include some, if not all of the following:

  • Washing the bike
  • Inspecting all moving parts
  • Frame and fork inspection
  • Derailleur adjustments
  • Brake adjustments
  • Wheel alignment
  • Chain cleaning
  • Chain and pivot lube
  • Cable replacement
  • Brake bleeds
  • Handlebar wrap installation
  • Drivetrain repair or replacement
  • Suspension service

Benefits of Regular Bike Maintenance

When your bicycle is regularly maintained you can rest assured that your bike will run smoothly and for a longer. Tune-ups can reduce the wear on components and correct minor issues before they turn into bigger problems. This allows you to save more money long term. Even better, your bike will work more efficiently so you can ride faster and longer.

DIY Bike Maintenance

There are some things you can do at home to help keep your bike at its best. Before every ride, we recommend going through a small checklist to make sure everything is working properly. Check the tires for proper inflation; this will increase ride efficiency and prevent damage. Give the wheels a spin to make sure there is no wobbling or excessive rubbing on the brake pads. Finally, test the gears to confirm that they shift smoothly, and confirm that the chain hasn’t come loose.

It is important to check other components on a regular basis as well. Confirm that the chain, pulleys, brakes, and cables are lubricated. Inspect both the wheel rims and bike frame for cracks or other signs of damage. Lastly, give everything a good cleaning with some mild dish soap or a dedicated bike cleaner. Spending a few minutes maintaining your bike throughout the year can help prevent problems from arising between annual tune-ups.


>Professional Bicycle Maintenance Near Phoenix at Curbside Cyclery

Because of our small size, you’ll always know exactly who is working on your bike when you trust Curbside Cyclery with your bicycle maintenance. You can be sure that Mike will use the knowledge he gained in the shop and by working at professional and amateur cycling events. As soon as you drop your bike off for maintenance, we’ll give you an estimate for the cost and let you know when you can expect to pick up your ride. Since we’re a small, locally-owned shop, we can tailor our services to give you everything you need at the right value, with no hidden costs.







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