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Whether you want a more convenient and economical way to commute, are looking for a more enjoyable way to get some exercise, or want to join a bike trip with your friends, Curbside Cyclery has all the bike brands you need. If you long to get out of town to view Phoenix, AZ, and surrounding areas at a leisurely pace, check out our wide selection of bikes for sale.

Cannondale Bikes

Cannondale bikes are one of the bike brands synonymous with innovation. Almost 40 years ago, they revolutionized the bike industry by using strong, lightweight aluminum for their bike frames instead of steel. The result was a lighter, stiffer bike that offers a superior biking experience. We carry Cannondale bikes so bike enthusiasts in and around the Phoenix, AZ area, the valley, and Maricopa County don’t have to search far and wide for one of their favorite, state-of-the-art bike brands but can instead have a wide selection right in their backyards.

Why Buy a Cannondale Bike

After Cannondale’s aluminum bikes exploded onto the scene, they didn’t rest on their laurels. Instead, their designers asked themselves what they could improve next. The answer was dual-suspension, a redesign of the bottom bracket, and, as if that wasn’t enough, they introduced a top-of-the-line carbon frame road bike, the Super Six EVO. When you buy a Cannondale bike, you know you are riding the result of cutting-edge innovation.

Yeti Bikes

Serious cyclers know that Yeti is synonymous with the best of the best mountain bikes for sale. Their fast, smooth ride holds up over rough terrain, and two types of carbon fiber reinforce a frame that can take a workout. Since 1985, Yeti has built bikes they want to ride.

Why Choose a Yeti Bike

Yeti prides itself on taking input from its customers. The result of this led to superior suspension and performance. Their durable, well-designed bike frames make them one of the best mountain bikes for sale. If you haven’t yet experienced the Switch Infinity Suspension System, once you try it, you’ll know why you should choose a Yeti.

Retrospec Bikes

When you need a bike that won’t break the bank, Retrospec has a bike for you. From single speed cruisers to City Bikes to road bikes, Retrospec has a bike for you. Check out the entire line at

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Curbside Cyclery is the place to find all your favorite bike brands in and around the Phoenix, AZ area, Maricopa County, and the valley. We carry only the finest quality bikes for sale, whether you want a mountain bike, a road bike, an adventure bike, or a cyclocross bike. And if you need service on your Cannondale, Yeti, or Niner bike, you can be assured we won’t let it leave our shop if it isn’t performing as it should. Contact us today about tune-ups, complete rebuilds, or building you a new custom bike.

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