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Here at Curbside Cyclery, you can receive a bicycle fitting from one of the biggest experts in Phoenix. Mike Cox has worked at events all over the world with Ironman, the HealthNet Cycling Team, and many other organizations. If you’re sick and tired of feeling uncomfortable on your bicycle, it’s probably because you didn’t find a size that matches your body appropriately. The right fit will make a huge difference in your performance as well as your comfort.

The good news is that Curbside Cyclery in South Phoenix can help you get the exact right bike for your situation, needs, and budget.

The thing is, some people don’t really know what they’re doing when it comes to fitting someone for a new bike. It’s probably wise to be skeptical of any so-called expert who thinks they can determine the right size for you just by knowing your height. The specific measurements of your body, your goals, and some other factors will all have an effect on what bike size you should get.

At Curbside Cyclery, you can count on a thorough fitting process that will genuinely identify which size of bike you need. Just because you’re the same height as someone else, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need the same size of bike. For example, you might have longer legs, or maybe you move your body a little bit differently while you’re riding. Bikes should be tailor-made to fit your needs, which is why we specialize in custom bike building. Even if you want to buy a premade bike, we’ll be able to make it feel like a custom job by finding the exact right fit.


How Does Bike Fitting Work?

The most basic elements of finding the perfect fit for your bike will all depend on your body. For example, a person with longer legs may require a higher saddle. Someone with shorter arms won’t have enough reach to comfortably hold the handlebars if they’re too far away. For that reason, we’ll want to take your measurements whenever you come in for a bicycle fitting.

Once we’ve nailed down some of the basics, it’s time to start thinking about the rest of your unique needs. For example, we can talk about whether or not you’ll be wearing cleats when you ride your bicycle. Depending on the type of biking shoes you wear, the distance to the pedals will feel longer or shorter. It’s also important to consider how your hips, knees, and feet will be aligned while you ride.

Once we find a bike that seems like it can work for you, we’ll make other adjustments as needed. You may even want to continuously fine-tune your bike to match your body as you get more comfortable with it. Over time, you’ll be able to make sure your bicycle and your body are in sync. The right fit will make you feel more comfortable in the saddle and improve your performance on the biking trails.


Why Choose Curbside Cyclery for Your Expert Bike Fitting?

Curbside Cyclery is a family business, owned and operated right here in Phoenix. As soon as you visit us, it will be clear that cycling is a passion project for both Mike and Steph. We’re willing and able to spend as much time as it takes to make sure you’re completely comfortable on your new bike.

Everything we sell is guaranteed to be correctly fitted, which means it will perform as well as possible for the individual cyclist. Contact us if you have any additional questions about bicycle fittings, or come see us today to get fitted.







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