If you live in Phoenix or any of the surrounding areas, you’re fortunate to have access to many awesome mountain biking trails. The right mountain bike is all you need to make the most out of your opportunities. That may be easier said than done since some of our customers are surprised by just how many different types of mountain bikes there are.

The good news is that Curbside Cyclery in South Phoenix can help you get the exact right bike for your situation, needs, and budget.

How Do I Choose the Right Mountain Bike?

When you’re first shopping for mountain bikes, there are three basic things to keep in mind:

  1. Bicycle Fitting – The fit of your bike is always going to be one of the most important things. This isn’t as simple as picking a bike based on your height, so we recommend working in person with a professional to ensure every aspect of your bike is exactly right for your body.
  2. Mountain Bike Style – Even among mountain bikes, there are many different kinds. To get the right one, you’ll have to put some thought into where and how you plan on riding your bike.
  3. Mountain Bike Features – Once you’ve decided on a general style, it’s time to think more specifically about things like suspension, wheel size, frame materials, brakes, and other gearing. Many serious riders choose to build a custom bike, ensuring that every feature is just right.


What are the different types of mountain bikes?

There are multiple popular types of mountain bikes, and each has its own unique set of benefits. It’s always best to pick your bike by working with an expert, but it may help to familiarize yourself with the following first:

  • Trail Bikes – This is the most common type of mountain bike because it’s good for general mountain bike riding. If you’re not planning to do a specific type of racing, this is a great place to start.
  • Cross-Country Bikes – These bikes are all about keeping the weight down and being efficient. They’re ideal for racing, and some people choose this type to climb their favorite trails even faster.
  • Fat-Tire Bikes – As the name suggests, these bikes have wide tires. This makes them forgiving for beginners, and you can also count on great traction when you’re navigating deep sand or rough terrain.
  • All-Mountain Bikes – These bikes are made for especially intense trail riding with steep descents and long climbs. This is a good choice for anyone who needs a more technical ride.
  • Downhill Bikes – Also known as park bikes, these are most common at bike parks where you get lifted up and ride a bike down. We don’t recommend these bikes at all for most riders.

Other Mountain Bike Features

Once you’ve selected your general type of mountain bike, it’s time to hone in on some of the key features. Many mountain bike frames are made with aluminum alloy, while others use carbon fiber. Large wheels are great for rolling over terrain, while small wheels are easier to maneuver. Soft, full suspensions might make for a smoother ride, while rigid suspensions and hardtail suspensions are easier to maintain and offer great power transfer. An expert can help you with these details.


Buy a Mountain Bike Near Phoenix

Curbside Cyclery is convenient to Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, and all of the surrounding areas. Come visit us to get an expert fitting and plenty of hands-on attention. Mike will leverage all of his experience to make sure you’re ready for your next rides in the valley and beyond.

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