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We find that there’s no bad reason to get out and ride your bike, but some reasons are even better than others. When you can ride for a great cause like Bike MS, the largest fundraising cycling series in the world, your hobby is serving a higher purpose. The MS Society organizes the Bike MS event, October 9-10, 2021, which features dozens of charity bike rides throughout the United States. Even though cyclists can get access to this event in many different locations, each one with its own local experience, everything is very consistent and organized. 

One of the best things about this event is that it’s fit for cyclists of any level. Whether you’re relatively new to riding and you just finished buying your first bike, or you’re a true enthusiast with one of the best road bikes money can buy, you’ll feel comfortable participating in the ride for this cause. With that in mind, we encourage every member of the cycling community here in Phoenix to learn more about this charity cycling series. 

What Is Bike MS? 

The Bike MS experience is available through 68 unique rides across the country. There are oceanside rides available, as well as rides that go up and down in the mountains and at least one ride that goes through a winery. These rides take place across several different dates, so you may even want to check out multiple options if you’re the type of person who likes to travel for bike events. All you have to do to participate is follow six easy steps:

    1. Choose your date and location. The MS Society has a page dedicated to all of the different rides, allowing you to browse by date, pick locations on the map, or even search for your city. For example, the most convenient ride for Phoenix, Bike MS Arizona 2021, takes place on October 9th and 10th. This is convenient since some of the mid-summer rides could get pretty brutal in this part of the world. The Bike MS Arizona event takes place just a short drive from Phoenix in the beautiful McDowell Mountain Regional Park, which is already a terrific place to ride.
    2. Register for your event. Once you identify which ride or rides you want to participate in, you’re ready to register. The process is easy, and there are even special designations for first-time riders and people who ride with MS. Anyone over the age of 12 is welcome to participate, so don’t hesitate to turn this into a family outing.
    3. Join a team or start your own. You’re more than welcome to participate as a single rider, but many find that this experience is more fun and more meaningful when shared. Whether you choose your family, coworkers, cycling buddies, or anyone else, this is a great bonding experience.
    4. Prepare by training and fundraising. These rides vary from 15 to 150 miles, so your training program should match the event you select. As you fundraise, you can help the program meet its goals while you also earn perks like the local Bike MS jersey.
    5. Ride the route. The program will help you stay safe and have fun by preparing the route, telling you what to bring, and offering support along the way.
    6. Fight MS. This last step is the most important. The true goal of these events is that, with the help of the riders, we can all enjoy living in a world that’s free from MS. If you think you feel great after a normal bike ride, just wait to experience the wave of emotion that will wash over you after this one.

Bike MS Arizona 2021

For us here at Curbside Cyclery, and for most of our customers, the Bike MS Arizona event happening, October 9-10, 2021 is the easiest one to get to. McDowell Mountain Regional Park is an excellent place to appreciate the beauty of the Arizona desert, and there is a good deal of riding options here: 

    • The McDowell Mountain Park loop
    • The off-road mountain bike loop
    • Road routes that take you into Fountain Hills and through the surrounding areas

As the event draws near, the MS Society will make sure that the experience complies with all of the latest guidelines from the CDC as well as relevant governmental bodies. Even before the routes are finalized, we recommend getting into the area and familiarizing yourself with some of the trails and terrain. This will help ensure a pleasant ride the day of the event, plus it’s a great way to take in views of desert plants and majestic vistas.

How to Prepare for a Bike Ride with Curbside Cyclery in Phoenix

As you get ready for Bike MS or any other ride, you can visit Curbside Cyclery for a tune-up or a whole new bike. Contact us today to learn more about the event!

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