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There are many reasons people from all over the Phoenix area decide to visit us here at Curbside Cyclery. Some people choose us because of Mike’s experience with the ASU Cycle Team and Ironman triathlon events, while other people just want to get their hands on one of Steph’s fresh cookies while they shop for a new bike. Of course, though, one of the biggest reasons to choose Curbside Cyclery is that this is the only place to buy Cannondale bikes in Ahwatukee.

About Cannondale Bikes

Before you could buy a Cannondale bicycle in Ahwatukee Foothills, people still used to drive as far as it took to find one of these top-shelf bikes. Cannondale changed the entire industry when they introduced their legendary ST-500 road bike in 1983. By choosing to make an aluminum road bike instead of manufacturing it with steel, as everyone else did, this brand changed bicycles for the better forever. The oversized aluminum was lighter and stiffer simultaneously, giving riders the best of both worlds and creating a ride that seemed almost effortless.

Today, the brand still makes premium aluminum bicycles. The CAAD (Cannondale Advanced Aluminum Design) series of road bikes has been in production since 1996, and it’s only getting better with time. Most bike makers still only use aluminum in their least expensive offerings. Yet, Cannondale has found a way to fashion state of the art bicycles with this light and dependable metal.

We sometimes wonder if this brand even helped inspire major auto companies who started making their vehicles lighter by choosing aluminum in recent years. At any rate, there’s no denying that Cannondale bikes are state of the art. This bike company is consistently pushing the entire industry to new heights.

Why Buy a Cannondale Bike

Cannondale’s designers didn’t sit back and bask in their accomplishments when they popularized lightweight road bikes made from aluminum. They didn’t take a break to celebrate after they introduced superior dual-suspension bikes to the world or when they completely redesigned the outdated type of bottom bracket everyone had been using for years. The minds behind this brand continue to push forward at all times, showing off their innovative spirit in the tireless way they pursue better bicycles. Cannondale’s top of the line carbon frame road bicycle, Super Six EVO, is an innovative design and one of the lightest in the industry.

Cannondale Bike Suspension

Innovative suspensions may be the number one reason people are always looking for where to buy Cannondale bikes. First, this brand changed the game by putting the suspension in the head tube. Then they changed the game again by inventing the Lefty single leg suspension fork. This single-crown suspension fork helped these already light bikes lose even more weight. In 2019, a new full-frame leaf-spring suspension system helped deliver a smooth ride with a single pivot. Those who buy new Cannondale bikes are rewarded with continued innovations.

Types of Cannondale Bikes

No matter your riding style or needs, you can find a Cannondale bike to match. From road bikes to mountain bikes, you’ll be able to find something light and efficient. Whether you’re planning for an endurance event on gravel roads or a smooth commute into work, you’ll be able to buy a Cannondale bike in Ahwatukee that will make the ride more enjoyable.

Where to Buy Cannondale Bikes

Curbside Cyclery in Ahwatukee Foothills is the local source for bicycle enthusiasts. Mike has experience finding, servicing, and customizing bikes for some of the world’s most serious cyclists. For over 20 years now, residents of the Phoenix area have been leaning on that experience to find Cannondale bikes and other premium options. Stop by today!

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