Yeti Bikes in Phoenix, AZ

Yeti is known for making some of the best mountain bikes in the world. Every bike in their lineup is produced with one of two types of carbon fiber bike frames. 

Whether you choose the Carbon series or the Turq series, you can count on the Yeti bike to be fast and smooth, even when you’re going down a big hill. Thanks to a new suspension that was introduced a few years ago, the uphill climb is just as fun. 

Yeti Bikes

As mountain biking started to gain popularity among daredevils and outdoor enthusiasts, Yeti was founded in 1985. From the beginning, this brand has been committed to offering state of the art technology and features without unnecessary bells and whistles. The company says they build bikes they want to ride, and the quality is certainly fit for a biking enthusiast.

This brand is also known for listening to its riders. The designers and engineers at Yeti are always accepting insights from individuals as they complete their research and development process, which is why they regularly outdo the competition. 

Which Type of Yeti Bike to Buy

Every Yeti bike has a carbon fiber frame, but there are two different grades available. The Carbon series is the more affordable of the two, and it’s still durable and fairly light. The Turq series is the way to go for especially hardcore bikers, though. These frames are made from a high grade of carbon, and they weigh less than the Carbon series frames.

If you’re only getting something for weekend rides on the trail, the Carbon series will be more than good enough. The Yeti Turq series is for competitive bikers who always try to shave every second off their times. The Turq series’ aggressive design and stiff frame will help you get to the next level. Choose it when you want something that’s durable, comfortable, and built for the most capable performance.

Why Choose a Yeti Bike

The Yeti brand is known for producing one of the best suspensions for mountain bikes. The Switch Infinity Suspension System was introduced in 2014, and it quickly garnered attention from mountain bikers who wanted better performance. It’s efficient over small bumps, which means you’re getting more motion from every pedal. There’s definitely some finesse involved, but this suspension is also completely prepared for larger impacts.

Combine this with the durable, well-designed frames these bikes offer, and you’re looking at one of the best mountain bikes in existence. Whether you’re going for speed, distance, or excitement, you can get there on a Yeti.

Where to Buy Yeti Bikes in Phoenix

Here at Curbside Cyclery, we’re proud to offer a large selection of Yeti bikes in Phoenix. You won’t find options quite like ours anywhere else in the Valley of the Sun, and you definitely won’t find our expertise. There’s no situation we can’t find the right bike for from collegiate bike teams to triathletes. 

Tell us a little bit about your biking and get a measurement, and we’ll be able to help you buy a Yeti bike that’s just right for your needs. We can even help you modify and customize the bike if it isn’t already perfect for your rides. Contact us if you have any questions, or stop by to get started!