When it comes to riding on pavement, you just can’t beat a road bike. You can optimize road bikes for racing, commuting, endurance riding, and even touring. Depending on which style of riding you plan on doing the most, you can fine-tune your setup and components. Road bikes generally feature lightweight frames and prioritize aerodynamic riding posture, but there are still plenty of finer differences between different options.

The good news is that Curbside Cyclery in South Phoenix can help you get the exact right bike for your situation, needs, and budget.

What Is the Best Road Bike Brand?

One bike doesn’t fit all, which is a big part of the reason there are so many different types available. It’s important to speak to an expert at a shop if you want to know which brand is the best fit for your needs, budget, and riding style. Here at Curbside Cyclery, we’re proud to carry the best bike brands like Cannondale, Yeti, Niner, and Schwinn. Since everything we carry in our store comes from reliable brands, you can focus on finding the right fit, frame material, and component sets.


What Is the Best Road Bike for Beginners?

You can find great options right off the shelf, but the best road bike for you will always be the one that was built for you. Here’s how that process might work:

  • Start with a custom bike fitting. There’s more to it than just picking a bike based on your height, and this step is definitely worth it before you get serious about investing in a road bike.
  • Select the frameset. This is the frame and fork, which is kind of like the foundation of your new road bike. Most road bike frames are aluminum or carbon, with steel and titanium being fairly rare now. Consider what you need from your frame geometry as well as the size.
  • Add wheels and tires. Most of today’s road tires aren’t quite as thin as they used to be, but they’re still relatively small and aerodynamic. Slicker tread helps minimize resistance, too.
  • Add the crankset (AKA chainset), cassette, and derailleurs. This is what allows you to rotate the wheels and shift gears along the way.
  • Pick your handlebars and levers. Road bikes use drop handlebars to optimize aerodynamics and give the rider more control. Make sure you select a width and shape that allows you to brake and shift gears quickly.
  • Choose your seat. Beginning riders are often surprised to learn that small, less padded seats are actually more comfortable for long rides. The bike fitting will help you select the appropriate seat, too.
  • Don’t forget the brakes, which will typically be road disk brakes instead of rim brakes.

Don’t forget your pedals! If this is your first time buying a road bike, you may be surprised to find that most of them don’t come with pedals. This is so you can add your own solution. If you don’t know which combination of pedals and cleats is right for you, a bike shoe fitting will give you all the information you need to find a comfortable fit.

How Much Does a Good Road Bike Cost?

Competitive athletes might spend $10,000 or more for an elite road bike, but casual riders can spend much less. It all depends on the frame, gearset, and other components you select. If you’re working within a strict budget, talk to a road bike expert who can help you get the most value and performance possible.


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